Anaya started her Yoga journey with AYP around 3.5 months  back. In the beginning we enrolled her to keep her engaged as she didn’t have much to do during the lockdown but we have to say Yoga classes which started as a mere engaging activity for my daughter has now become an integral part of her routine.

In the start, Anaya was finding it difficult to keep balance while doing different Asanas but over a period of time and with guidance of Anjali and Jithesh we have seen lot of improvement in her. Now she is more confident while doing even the advance asanas, which require lot of concentration and strength. She has been very active and has become more agile. The classes have been very engaging and exciting.

As yoga is not only about the body but also about mind and inner consciousness, we have seen lot of personality changes in Anaya. Yoga has brought a sense of calmness in her that in turn helped in building confidence and focus in whatever activity she takes part in. We are really happy with way Anaya is moving ahead and look forward to seeing her achieve greater heights.

We would like to thanks Sugandha along with entire AYP team for putting together Yoga classes for kids and making them so interesting that kids at such a young age are also engaged throughout the class that is actually a tough task. Last but not the least kudos to Sughanda for being there in the classes, pushing and encouraging the kids to do better always.


I, Uma Vinod, have been a regular member of AYP for 4 years now. My daughter Vinitra Vinod joined kids virtual yoga class from May 2020 .Children’s yoga is a way to get children moving and keep calm. It includes simple movements that are safe for children to do and it also includes things like breathing techniques to help them reduce anxiety.

These are areas that many children can struggle with and as the current situation continues, helping children to find peace and patience from within can only be a good thing.

Thanks to AYP team for organising Children’s online yoga classes. Initially my daughter (Vinitra) was not interested in yoga classes.The way AYP team motivated the kids, she started liking the yoga. Now she is very comfortable and trying all the Aasanas. Now her body has become more flexible and her concentration and stamina has increased.

Instructors are too good and explaining each Aasanas and their benefits to kids. Also they are constantly monitoring & correcting postures too.

Yoga is a fantastic practice for children and their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Once again thanks to Suganda and entire AYP team.


As I being yoga enthusiastic wanted my kids too to follow the path of healthyness through yoga. AYP has given kids an opportunity to explore yoga apart from their school routine.. Akshitha and Aashrith had improved a lot in balancing postures and flexibility. They enjoy doing practice and try to reach the best postures possible for them.

Thank you and will forward to continued practice.


I am a very busy professional and before I attended classes in Artistic Yoga, I always felt tired and unhappy. It seemed like something was always missing, but I did not know what One day one of my friend’s told me that Yoga postures and relaxation will do a world of good and I decided to give it a try. I was looking for yoga classes near Salmiya Garden. I started looking and got hold of Ms. Suganda number and She was very professional and welcomed me to the class which gave me confidence to attend. I arrived at the class on 2nd February 2017 and positioned my mat in a way that I would be able to have a good view of what was going on and made myself comfortable. The atmosphere in the room was very calm and peaceful and I instantaneously felt at ease.

With time  Iphysically felt comfortable and stronger and relaxed too. Mentally I felt an inner calm and a connection with the universe. Through various practices of Yoga and diet changes breathing and postures as well as the application of basic moral and ethical principles I gained a greater understanding and acceptance of my life and the world around me.