We inspire our community to achieve greater connectedness to their body and soul through the practice of Yoga. Our goal is to help them achieve overall fitness and wellness through Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation.


1. The mission of Artistic yoga and Pilates is to create a positive change in each individual through the unique combination of Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. These classes are designed for a person of any age with any level of strength and flexibility. It is a technique that works specifically well for people who have little or no knowledge of yoga or Pilates.

2. We also create a favorable environment where students support each other, share their interests and guidelines for a healthy lifestyle while practicing yoga.
3. Yoga is medicine. So our regimen supports and aides the healing of certain medical conditions too.

4. We aim to build a strong Yoga community in Kuwait of members who not only share their belief in Yoga as a wholesome fitness regime but who support each other in overcoming the specific challenges of today’s lifestyle, adopt health and wellness in every aspect of their life and share matters of common interest too.




As vouched by most of our members, If our instructors form the backbone of AYP, Suganda Menon is the heart and soul of ArtisticYoga & Pilates.The entrepreneurial mind behind the company, Suganda drifted into the world of Yoga by chance.She was born and raised in Kuwait. Leading a successful, yet stressful corporate life in the travel and airline industry, Suganda was working for British Airways when she started practicing Yoga for better health and wellness.

Experimenting with yoga and training under Subish with the usual apprehension of beginners, she soon discovered lasting benefits in Yoga and became a complete believer in the power and influence of Yoga as a way of living.From a single batch of a handful of members in the first venue, Suganda has been the driving force for the tremendous growth of AYP. We have experienced 7 eventful years of highs and lows, opened 4 centers, branched into different, relevant fitness programs and reached out to 5000 members who have benefited from our programs.

While Yoga blended with Pilates and core strengthening exercises has remained our main USP offering, AYP is now proud to offer various specific and relevant fitness programs of Hatha Yoga, Kickboxing, Dance n Aerobics and also customized martial arts, yoga and dance classes for kids too.Through it all, one thing was constant.

The professional approach of our founder, her genuine willingness to lend an ear to the health issues of our clients and her resilience to withstand the huge changes that the expat community in Kuwait and their fitness needs have undergone in the last 7 years.But more than anything, as Suganda often puts it across simply, “We are a community! ”

It’s her belief and effort to build a huge like-minded and mutually supportive community of people who are ready to make physical and mental wellness their lifestyle and not just treat AYP classes as a short-term or weight loss workout class!Suganda, you remain our inspiration today and always!